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A Statement From Sylacauga Utilities Board

 Dear Sylacauga Utilities Board Customer,

In recent months, the Sylacauga Utilities Board (“SUB”), has seen an increased demand from the community relating to fiber optic internet services. In most cases, these customers have not been satisfied with their current internet provider.

SUB has provided broadband internet service in this area for many years and we understand the challenges our unique region presents to service providers. At the same time, we understand that inadequate broadband services pose constraints on our quality of life in many ways, including educational opportunities, economic development opportunities, and simply ensuring that we have service options at a competitive cost.

  The Board of Directors has asked that SUB personnel conduct a survey of our utilities customers to determine interest levels relating to expanding our broadband internet service to areas that we currently do not have any broadband service. To conduct this survey, the Utilities Board has partnered with TWN Communications to collect customer input beginning (Enter Dates).

  It is very important that all customers, both residential and commercial, who do not currently have broadband internet service with SUB, to complete this survey in order to ensure that your interest levels are known by SUB. To complete this brief survey, simply go to: and click on the “broadband survey button”. You will then enter your address, email, and complete the survey.

  This survey information will only be used by SUB and will remain confidential.

  I encourage all customers to make their interests known. Your Utilities Board and its staff are listening and will use your responses to determine how to proceed with this very important service for our community.


Reay Culp
Network Admin

Why we are considering the option to provide fiber internet.

  • Next evolution fiber-based internet technology
  • Speeds start at 100 Mbps and up to 1 Gbps for residential service
  • Plans starting at $70.00 *